Built in 2004, West Campus provides the perfect blend of traditional campus housing with a modern touch. The West Campus residence complex offers two living styles for guests to the campus: traditional double rooms or single bedrooms in suite-style housing. Guests will enjoy air-conditioned rooms, and large lobby areas on each floor.


  • Room Types: traditional dorm- and suite-style 
  • Bath Type: communal and private 
  • Air Conditioning: no 

One-half of West Campus offers traditional dorm-style (double rooms), including the following amenities: 

  • closets and drawer space 
  • beds with mattresses 
  • two desks 
  • two chairs 
  • compact microwave/refrigerator unit 
  • bath Type – communal 

The other half of West Campus is suite-style housing with four occupancies per suite, including the following amenities: 

  • four bedrooms – each including one closet, dresser, bed with mattress, desk, and chair 
  • common area living room 
  • two bathrooms 
  • storage space 
  • two compact microwave/refrigerator units 

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